Probate & Estate Fraud

Together with our associated company, UHY Crossleys LLC, we have experience in dealing with contested probate and family matters, including elder financial abuse.

We can help you:

  • Understand what has or may have taken place
  • Collate the relevant facts and evidence
  • Piece together the story of events
  • Put together a suitable briefing paper with supporting documentation to present to your legal advisers so they can provide you with a fully informed legal opinion.

We adopt a practical approach and seek to make what often seems complicated easy to understand.


Litigation is never pleasant, whether you are the instigator or recipient of such action. Having the right support is vital and being able to understand and communicate with those advising you is just as important to understanding what is needed, when and by whom.

Odin Fiduciaries Limited has proven to be adept and successful in the “Project Management” of litigation for clients in the Isle of Man, UK and further afield. Whether the dispute involves the purchase and sale of companies and land, breaches of company law, commercial contracts, individual, family and matrimonial disputes, Wills and Trusts, Odin Fiduciaries Limited will be there to support you and your team.

Historic Remediation Projects

Over recent years, we have identified increasing issues within some offshore providers. As an example:

  • Structures correctly implemented but have excessive running costs despite not being adequately maintained
  • Changes to international tax legislation have been ignored which then impacts the effectiveness of the structure.
  • Errors in the appointment of beneficiaries
  • Not considering Protector provisions within Trust Deeds leading to invalid historic appointments
  • Lack of adequate corporate governance on international companies which subsequently lead to them being struck off

Odin Fiduciaries Limited is experienced in assisting and/or project managing the remediation of large offshore complex structures involving trusts, foundations and companies. This may include an ultimate strategy to close a structure or aspects of it and modify as required.

Services we can provide include:

  • Collaborating with international tax advisors, lawyers and accountants to ensure a cohesive approach to remedy historic issues.
  • Implementing changes required to reduce or remediate historic and current tax issues
  • Dealing with relevant tax authorities in collaboration with specialist advisors
  • Litigation support
  • Better accountability and service to the “client” and beneficiaries