Proudly Independent

Throughout our history, which is now over 50 years, the firm has been family owned. We continue to be committed to remain independent and are currently owned by two families who also own our associated company, UHY Crossleys LLC.

Our independence enables us to truly put the client at the heart of everything that we do. Our fee structure is transparent, and we are not pressured by shareholder financial targets. We have and will always continue to be a ‘values’ led business.

Private Client Focused

Our initial focus of attention to servicing a client is to understand who our client is, and what it is they want to achieve personally, for their family and any business or investment interests they hold. We will seek to understand:

  • What the client wants personally;
  • What the driving force is behind the client’s wants and wishes;
  • How does the client’s expectations dovetail into what is needed from a personal and family perspective; and
  • How the client’s personal wishes, expectations and ambitions are reflected and integrated with any business with which they are involved or wish to establish.